Digital cassette Carbon cover
Copy of Digital cassette carbon fibre protector

X-Ray Cassette Holders

The standard x ray cassette holder is manufactured from aluminium, and is powder coated. This ensures its light weight and easy of handling.

The handle will extend to 1.2 meters to afford the operator maximum protection.

They are adjustable to accept a large range of cassettes.

These were designed for equine use, but have many applications.

A must where health and safety is taken seriously.


This unit has been designed to offer complete protection to digital X ray cassettes, from sudden and severe shock, such as being kicked by a horse.

They can be supplied with or without extending handles and adjustable height supports.

Image quality is not affected by the covering.

They can be used in a horizontal position at ground level, with an animals hoof in contact.

They are made as a one off unit to suit which ever make of cassette is being used.