NZ Veterinary Equipment Ltd, is a Christchurch, New Zealand based company specializing in stainless steel veterinary equipment.

We have tried to not over complicate the design of our products, but to keep them simple and effective. This also adds to our ability to keep pricing more than competitive.

All our products have been designed and developed by us in consultation with vets, and have been supplied to the veterinary world since 2002.

All enquiries are very welcome, and technical information about any product is available either to download, or through the information request section of this site.

We invite you to register your details, so that we can keep you informed of new products, and special offers.

We have a wide range of products all designed to enhance, and add to the efficiency of your busy veterinary practice.

Our product range includes:

  • A modular, and expandable stainless steel cage system.
  • Operating tables, both V top and flat top using the latest electric lifting actuators from Europe.
  • Treatment tub tables, both slim line and dog wash style.
  • Scissor lift battery powered electric tables, for total mobility.
  • Examination tables; a standard unit for everyday consults, and electric lift versions for oversized patients where health and safety of your staff is a priority.
  • Xray stands, and extendible safe cassette holders for equine use.
  • Instrument trolleys.
  • Faecal macerators. Easy to hold and control pistol grip model with water flow controlled with a trigger mechanism.
  • Dental bases with an integrated scaler operating off a common foot control.   Dental hand pieces and accessories, both high and low speed.
  • Grooming tables, electric lift with tether hoops.
  • Equine and large animal surgery tables, both stationary and mobile.