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“Lyppard” style dental base

We manufacturing and service the “Lyppard” style dental base.

The “Lyppard” style unit is a compact and feature filled dental base which will fill all the needs of any practice, at a very affordable price.


  • Compact and space saving design
  • Water cooled pneumatic high speed hand piece.
  • Pneumatic slow speed hand piece.
  • Water and dry air syringe.
  • Integrated peizo, ultrasonic scaler.
  • Scaler force control, with a digital control and read out scale.
  • A common foot control for all hand pieces including the scaler.
  • Mounted on a mobile stand which can carry the bottled air supply if needed.
  • An on board distilled water supply.
  • These can be supplied with an integrated compressor in place of air supplied from a cylinder.



These units are designed to give trouble free service for many years, however from time to time servicing of the internals is necessary, largely due to the environment in which they operate.

When servicing is required we are able to offer a quick turn around so that your clients are not inconvenienced to any great degree.

When sending your unit to us for service, please include the hand pieces, power pack, and a detailed explanation of the problems you are encountering.