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Dog washes are available in three configurations.

They are manufactured completely locally, from material and parts sourced and readily available locally. They are supplied ready to install, with certificates of compliance.


  • A complete standalone unit with an integrated control system, providing full electronically controlled chemical dosing, water delivery, and forced air drying, with programmable functions, coin counter, note acceptor, and credit card reader.
  • A standalone unit with a simple control system, providing minimal functions of water and forced air drying only, (and disinfectant tub rinse) with a token /coin acceptor giving a top up time option.
  • A twin tub, split configuration, with a separate remote control cabinet.   This unit provides full electronically controlled chemical dosing, water delivery and forced air drying, with programmable functions, token/coin acceptor, and pulse counter, but does not include a note acceptor.   The control cabinet allows for the two wash tubs to be operated independently of each other and remotely from the control cabinet.
  • Tubs and cabinets are constructed entirely from 304 grade stainless steel.   Units being deployed in exterior or harsh locations can be supplied in 316 grade stainless steel as an option.


  • Standalone unit with integrated control cabinet.   2000mm long x 600mm x 1800mm high.

The wash tub internal measurement is 1280mm x 520

  • The twin tub split configuration is as follows:-

Tubs are 1300mm x 662mm x 1651 high.

The control cabinet is 900mm x 655mm x 1882mm high.


The electrical system used in our dog washes uses parts sourced locally, which are readily available off the shelf, making servicing and replacing necessary parts, problem free.

The PLC unit controls all the functions of delivering water, chemicals, drying air, switching between and timing each function as required by the operator.   This unit also provides information for the operator on a small LED screen.

The PLC operates with pulses sent via the control buttons on the front panel, and by being activated with coins deposited through the coin collector and or the note exchanger where fitted.   The unit is programmed to operate with a minimum of $10.00 and will start when coin credits reach $5.00.

The standard standalone unit needs to be hard wired, with a 40 amp input direct to the water heater unit. And a 20 amp feed taken from the 40 amp breaker to the 20 amp circuit breaker controlling all other functions.


These units are fitted with an instantaneous on demand hot water system, which is regulated to produce water up to a maximum temperature of 40 degrees C, and no more.   This is controlled in three ways; by a digital control feature built into the heater unit, and a tempering valve which mixes the water to the required temperature, in addition to this is an overriding electronic control in the PLC which will shut down the unit if the temperature exceeds 42 degrees Celsius.

These controls are factory set and do not need adjusting, however it is prudent to check outflow temperature from time to time in order to make sure all functions are operating correctly.

Wash Cycle Functions

The standard functions are:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Flea Rinse
  4. Clean Rinse
  5. Disinfect (Manual operation for the wash tub only)
  6. Dry
  7. Turbo dry
  8. Auto disinfect at the completion of the cycle

These functions are selected by pressing the appropriate buttons on the front panel of the control cabinet.

The person operating the dog wash may at the end of the wash/dry sequence insert more coins or tokens to lengthen the operating time.   The time for this option is limited to one minute, after which the unit will power down, and ready itself for a new wash sequence.

Chemical Delivery

Chemicals are delivered to the wash tub by four dosing pumps located in the lower portion of the control cabinet.   These pumps need to have their inlet tubes immersed completely in the chemical containers.   Each inlet tube is equipped with a filter and return tube.   The pumps will only operate when the wash wand is activated and water is flowing through the system. Further electronic safety systems are in place to protect the dosing pumps from damage.

The exact dosing rate of chemical can very easily be adjusted to individual requirements by simply turning the control dial on the top of each pump.

The pumps are of the highest quality, manufactured in Italy, and are available off the shelf through their agent in Australia.   In the event of a pump failure, it can very easily be unclipped and exchanged, without the need for professional help.

Water Input

A standard mains pressure cold water supply is needed.   The supply pressure is controlled by a valve and set to operate at no more than 6 bar.   To protect the unit an inline filter is used after the pressure regulating valve, and this should be checked from time to time for any debris.   It is recommended that any new plumbing required when first installing the wash system, be thoroughly flushed prior to operating.


The forced air dryer is equipped with a filter which should be removed and cleaned from time to time.

Cleaning the filter in clean warm water with domestic detergent is all that is necessary.

After many hours of operation the electrical motor brushes may need replacing.   To facilitate this the dryer unit will need to be returned to the factory for replacement parts to be fitted.   A swap over unit will be provided to minimise the machines down time.

Appearance and Decals

Where we manufacture multiple units for a specific client, particular branding features can be incorporated into the design and applied at the time of construction.

Decals can either be supplied by the client, or the clients art work supplied and manufactured by our suppliers and then applied by us.