Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Supply Systems

Why buy oxygen when you can make your own?

Gone are the days when veterinary practices have to purchase oxygen in cylinders. This is costly, and has the added trouble of having to move and change heavy and dangerous oxygen cylinders.

Airsep oxygen supply plants do away with these issues as they generate near pure oxygen from the air we breathe. To do this they use a method called pressure swing adsorption (PSA) which removes the nitrogen from the air leaving 93% oxygen. The range starts with the ‘Newlife’ that produces 8 Lpm through various models up to the AS-G producing 150 Lpm.

• ECONOMICAL: cheaper than renting cylinders, buying refills and paying for deliveries
• CONVENIENT: no more concerns with running out of oxygen during a procedure or out of hours
• SAFE: reduced OHS/workplace injuries risk from handling cylinders
• COMPACT: requires no more space than your cylinder storage
• FLEXIBLE: potential to also run air tools, venturi suction and scavenge from the compressors
• SUPPORT: 24/7 technical support available

The Newlife Intensity is a portable unit that can be wheeled from room to room. It is fitted with a double outlet to split the flow so it can be used simultaneously with one line to an anaesthetic machine and one line to a cage.

The Newlife Intensity will supply a continuous flow of oxygen at a rate of 8 litres a minute, 93% purity, 20 psi. This will supply 3,840 litres per 8 hours usage


The PSA system is simple and consists of 3 major components (air compressor, sieve beds & flow control). Mediquip are factory trained and certified service agents of the Airsep product. Replacements parts are readily available.


There is no ongoing maintenance required with the exception of a filter that needs to be checked and cleaned weekly. The unit comes with 2 filters so this is easy to undertake.


We estimate that based on small practice usage it will pay for itself in around 6-12 months.

D Cylinder = 1,650L = 150 refills @$40 = $6,000 pa

E Cylinder = 4,100L = 60 refills @ $60 = $6,600 pa

G Cylinder = 8,300L = 30 refills @ $100 = $3,000 pa

The above costs may vary and this does not include rental and delivery.


Standard product flow 

8l /min

(eg 3,840 litres per 8 hours usage)

Sound Level   



W  40cm x D 37 cm x H 73 cm


30 Kg

Ambient Operating Conditions

4°C to 44°C

Control Power Requirements

220 V ~ ± 10%, 50/60 Hz,

Single Phase, 2.5A

Typical power consumption: 350W

(approx. the same as a PC!)


12 months parts and labour