Grooming equipment for all facilities, whether large commercial operations or smaller boutique salons.


Our grooming tables are made to the same high standard as the any of our operating tables.   Construction is completely of stainless steel, and can be powder coated to match you corporate image.


The lifting mechanism is electric, and its silent and smooth operation ensures that you four legged clients are not under any stress as they are lifted to you working height.

The up and down direction is controlled by simply pressing a switch, with your foot.


The electric lifting system has a built in fail safe feature, which will not allow the table to collapse at any time.


We have ensured that the usual unsteadiness associated with some grooming tables is not present in our unit, and a stable, safe and secure platform is provided for the comfort of you client, and the safety of the operator.


The tables are equipped with a very secure tethering hoop, and a non slip rubber mat atop the table is included, and there is sufficient clearance under the frame to allow a broom to deal with hair.


The table in its down position is only 400 mm above the floor, and will extend to a working height of 1 metre.





For larger commercial grooming facilities we are able to manufacture and supply multi station wash and drying equipment, from our standard range as shown in the images, or design one off equipment to suit your individual requirements, in consultation with you.

Our grooming equipment, wash stations, drying tables, cages and electric lift grooming tables have been used extensively throughout Australia, both in large pet store chains, and smaller professional grooming salons.


All the grooming equipment we have supplied over the years has been designed and manufactured to have an exceptionally long life, using the best available materials.   This ultimately keeps your costs down over time.


If you wish to discuss any design ideas you may have for your operation, please contact us through the contact page, or telephone direct.